I’m Sonalika Agarwal !

I am a student of grade XII at Pathways World School, Gurgaon, India. My major is Visual Arts as I believe this will help prepare me to achieve my plan to pursue undergraduate studies in Fashion Designing and Merchandising in a reputed school in the United States of America starting Fall 2013.

I studied till grade X at Delhi Public School, New Delhi. However, I shifted to Pathways for grade XI and XII as it offered me an opportunity to study for an International Baccalaureate Diploma in Visual Arts, besides languages – English, Hindi and Spanish, Mathematics, and Geography. This shift has helped me to come closer to my stated objective.

I have chosen Fashion as my field of specialisation for my under graduation course. I feel this is my calling. I have a strong sense of aesthetics - style and colour; I have always designed and coordinated my wardrobe myself, in fact, I am an advisor to both Mom and Dad for their wardrobes.

I am convinced, passionate and determined about excelling in my chosen field. I am passionate about textiles, I am creative and I am acquainted with a number of remarkable artists - weavers, painters, craftsmen , embroiderers, sculptors.

I want to be known as the best Fusion Fashion Designer in the world. I believe the world is small yet not connected enough. I want to use my talent to bring east and west to come together – my dresses could be one confluence point; I want to be the platform joining weavers, embroiderers , dress makers and others to collaborate with musicians , painters, sculptors to produce products which are multi dimensional and different.

My current works are based on the theme ‘Phases of Life’ and they range from obsession to love to sadness to confusion to bullying to reminiscing to adolescence all kinds of emotions. These are based on my own personal experiences or situations in life that I have gone through or witnessed someone else going through. I always wanted to bring out these through my paintings and to an extent I believe I have been successful. I have personified nature- flowers, leaves and animals as human beings or a certain type of feeling such as love or purity that the dove brought in one of my paintings. According to me art can help portray any emotion, state of mind, thought clearly or in an ambiguous way leaving the viewers puzzled yet giving them a great chance to think and bring out new perspectives which are different for various people.

I have gained my knowledge of art by visiting exhibitions and museums, interviewing artists and reading books. I gained knowledge from my art teacher Mrs Babita Singh as well, for which I am always indebted to her.