I thank you for visiting my website. I will share with you my works, my interests and my career objectives.

I am passionate about painting as an art form. I believe that a painting can speak a thousand words. I now want to take my passion for painting to the next level; I intend to pursue a formal training in the field of fashion, so I can put my art on fabrics and make them and the people wearing them look beautiful. Interning with ManavGupta, an eminent Indian artist who has pioneered collaborative art as performances and mega murals helped further enrich my skills. Mr. Gupta has also been listed by Financial Times among the top ten contemporary Indian artists.

I believe that there is a similarity in the life of all living beings. Each one experiences similar emotions and phases at certain stages of their lives, and thatís what I try to bring out through my paintings. In my opinion one goes through many ups and downs in life but it is useless to sulk over it and get negative. Rather I like to cherish every moment, as it is only one life you get to live and I believe in living it to the fullest. That is what my paintings represent.

Painting did not come easy to me. It took me a lot of hard work and perseverance. Although I was attracted to art, I had no formal training or knowledge, but I am most definitely a creative person and attracted to art since my childhood. Initially, I had difficulties in drawing perfect human figures, but with practice and guidance from my art Mentor I overcame this shortcoming.

In the course of my learning I have been influenced by many artists like Frida Kahlo. I admire her self-portraits and the depiction of the painful life she lived.

Bharti Kher is another person that inspires me, her bindi(a decorative mark worn on the forehead by Indian women) installations, through which she tries to bring out social issues in a normal Indian womanís life, is worth appreciation.

A. Ramachandran too has a distinct style of using bright hues in his murals to depict Indian culture; his style of painting natural elements really fascinates me.